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A fallacy misspelled

She was an inevitable dreamer,

But they all called it as her ego,

Now she lays under the moon,

Where she looks at the hideous bloom,

Was it all along her ego?,

Or was it her hidden fear.

A question rotten unanswered,

In the years to come bewildered.

An epiphany or a vague eternal?

“Inside that bewildering sky,

Lays an unknown eyes,

None that is beyond your depth,

Says the myths and other epics,

And yet why is the sky deaf?,

To answer my thousandth mists,

Are you not the real theif,

That stole the title called god?,

Such is an echeo’s power,

That does mutely hovers,

So do speak up,

And this time not to bluff,

Are you that title called God,

Are you the merchant of prayers,

Oh! dear sky but are you sure,

That you aren’t a venom that flicker?.”

A child’s dreaming cocoon….

I’ve always wondered, 

How their life saunters,

What is it there now,

Is it as the tale I’ve heard?,

How shall I return,

To a place I’ve never been,

A place I hear every day,

A place I I’ve never seen,

Not even it’s sun’s rays,

Wide across the blue horizon,

There it lies my mother’s lulls.

I’ve written this as a POV of a child whose parents have been working in a place which is not their actual birthplace.

The upheaval of life

 I never had anyone to ask for help when I needed the most. They all strongly believed that I’m nothing. That I’m not going achieve anything. I never used to go for classes because of this reason. Even if I did, I would pretend that I’m sick. And everyone would gladly believe it. But the real gun trigger was that, did that in any way changed my life?.

Yes my dearest friends, life is but a struggle between what is it for you and what not.When I could have atleast tried, I accepted my defeat!. Is that how life works?. No. And I had to accept defeat again and again as people began to spread the word that I’m just a sick person who is capable of nothing. If I’m capable of nothing then tell me my dear friends how did I secure 80.6 percentage for my 12 board exams?. They said that it was somehow just merely the God’s grace. If they say that is God’s grace then I can say that everything in this world is God’s grace.

A Soul’s whisper.

In the life’s bridge,
They walked on a stormy
None heard but their voices alone,
A child, a girl , a woman she was called,
A child, a boy , a man he was called,
But none made their voices bold,
It was soft even in their times of old,
They died and woke up,
Like nature’s blow-up,
Now their soul wanders aloof,
Body by body made a fool,
By blinding them from that soft voice,
Which should’ve been but a louder noise.

Behind Love’s curtain

‚ÄčAs the time goes on,
Thy wind is blown,
Far away in a mountain,
Heaves a solitude blade,
The trees are fading,
And the light is falling,
What am I to you?,
Behind your innocent eyes,
I can see tonnes of unsaid words,
What is it that your heart bears?
Is it a lover’s love,
Or a sister’s sanctuary,
Show me not thy spotless misery,
But beguile me with tears or bliss,
For the scented rose,
And the wingless horse,
Brings another hue,
Shall we not rue?,
For our love outshine theirs,
Such pink hearts that we bear,
And yet why act what is it,
That bars us as strangers,
Why are we but actors?!